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Ina K. Miller

Ina K. Miller

“True teachers learn to teach; then teach to learn again.” TM


Ina K. Miller is a Teacher, Mentor, Advocate, Author, Writer, and Vocal Coach, who currently resides in Tyler, Texas.  She is the proud mother of one son and the proud grandmother of one granddaughter.  She has more than thirteen years of educational experience and has an extreme passion for cultivating, motivating, encouraging and building the lives of high school students. As a teacher, Ina believes those who are truly called to teach, understand that learning is a never-ending process.

Ina has an incredibly diverse journey of learning. She decided to go back to school at the age of 40. Her motivation was to exemplify her belief - that education and knowledge are tools needed to help create a better, quality life. Her learning journey includes receiving an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, a Master’s Degree of Science in Leadership and a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies. Ina’s hobbies include singing, reading, traveling, shopping, meeting new people and tasting new foods. While pursuing her hobbies, she began to develop various passions that led to becoming an author and creator of some incredible initiatives.

As a Teacher and Advocate, Ina seeks to eradicate the disparities certain cultures face in education, which discourages cultural appreciation and true identity.  Ina created “NCU”©, “No Culture Unnoticed”© in March of 2019. This initiative was created and designed to fortify and establish the identity of students of every nationality, by allowing them to revisit their traditions, cultures, and societies. There is a lack of diverse cultural relevance in today’s educational systems. “NCU”© can be utilized as a program and indoctrinated on any educational platform with students around the globe. This initiative allows students to rekindle or gain a sense of pride in their unique identities, while embracing the identities of others as they learn and share their similarities and differences.

As a Mentor, Ina desires to see young ladies from all walks of life, exemplify, confidence, intelligence, sobriety, self-discipline, and chasteness of character.  Ina created “Diamonds in the R.U.F.F.”© - “Reaching the Undeveloped & Favored with a Future!”© in February 2015. This initiative was created to encourage young ladies of all ages and nationalities to make their desired, positive contributions to society, and to aid them in securing a successful future through the realization of their self-worth. This initiative will also encourage young ladies to ignite other young ladies with the desire to carry the torch for building the next generation.


As a Vocal Coach, Ina believes talents and gifting's can be cultivated and enhanced to an exponential degree. Ina created Memorable Melodies, Inc.© in May of 2000 and “I Wanna Sing!”© in August of 2009 as music and vocal coaching initiatives for all singers of all genres. Memorable Melodies, Inc.© - “I Wanna Sing!”© offers support to individuals, youth and adults, who have the gift of music and the passion to sing, but have never been cultivated by experience.  Memorable Melodies, Inc.© - “I Wanna Sing!”© also provides musical services for conferences, prayer breakfasts, homegoing celebrations, ordinations, weddings, birthdays, engagement parties, holiday parties, religious services and more. The vision of Memorable Melodies, Inc.© - “I Wanna Sing!”© is to see the gift of music strengthened throughout the world.


As a Writer, Ina has authored “Ministering to High School Students beyond Ethnicity & American Christianity”©. This article was written to begin chronicling her experiences as a high school teacher and her desires to meet the endless needs of her students.  Ina’s article has been shared amongst many teachers; those of faith-based, non-faith-based, public, private and civic educational organizations, who have encountered many students from all walks of life. 

Ina K. Miller seeks to continue teaching, mentoring, advocating, authoring, writing, and coaching for the betterment of mankind.

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